AM Africa Shares Goals & Plans for 2018, Going Towards 1000 Members

Apostolos Missions in the region of Africa grew greatly in 2017. AM Africa leaders wish to develop and set up each chapter more strongly with a firm leader and firm members. The year 2018 will be ...



AM Asia Youth Conference Concludes With Commitment to Conquer the World with the Gospel

Apostolos Missions in Asia gathered leaders for a Youth Conference at the AM Center in Seoul, South Korea. Various programs were arranged including lectures on "Prayer" and "Discipleship." ...



GA 2017 to Engage Dialogue in Sparking a Worldwide Movement

Apostolos Missions International is continuing to develop its concentration on launching an autonomous General Assembly in 2017. AM's core strategy as a fellowship can be reduced to a balance of "evangelization" and "social action." Therefore, one of the core themes and topics of the GA will be sparking a worldwide movement with these strategies.


HQ Models Exemplar Fellowships to Fulfill Ecumenical Requisite

AM International is modeling (or benchmarking) various fellowships that have a similar vision and direction. One former fellowship is called the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (SVM). This movement revived mission with an ecumenical spirit and succeeded in mobilizing thousands of university students in the U.S. for world mission.



AM UCSD Holds Christmas Mini Retreat on Campus

Apostolos Missions at the University of California in San Diego held a Christmas mini-retreat event on Saturday on the campus. 11 people joined ...



AM Members Have Graceful Gathering at Elim Retreat & Conference

The Apostolos Missions HQ held a short conference and a trip to the Elim Center in Kirkwood, NY. Three students and the AM U.S. representative joined the program and received great grace. ...


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