AM HQ Exhorts Priority on Campus Evangelism During September Prime Season

The school year officially begins for university students in the U.S. and in most other countries in the month of September. Therefore, a great focus and priority should be on campus evangelism. ...



AM Africa Actively Seeks Leader in Rwanda, Establishing French-Speaking Nations

AM-Africa is working on their plans of expansion across the continent. At the moment they are prioritizing on establishing the Rwanda chapter that had been put on hold due to the inconveniences caused ...



Introduction to Apologetics

This is an introduction to a weekly series of apologetic posts. The aim is to help people understand what it is, and help people answer certain questions in the field.


Top 5 'But God'; When Times Are Tough but God is Tougher (Part 2)

Last week, the AM HQ editorial team compiled a list of Top 5 Bible verses that contain the beautiful words "But God." Even when a situation is difficult, we can always remember God is



AM Columbia Begins Fall Evangelism, Reviving NYC Campus Mission

AM international HQ Staff began a hopeful weekend of evangelism at Columbia University. On Aug.18th, AM headquarter staff Haofen Jiang(Annie) and ... ...



AM HQ Releases Testimony Video for Training Recruitment

Apostolos Missions is looking forward to expanding and strengthening its network around the world. The fellowship will hold the 2nd annual leadership training in Uganda for 4 days and continue ...


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