AM Africa Seeks Revival Through Weekly Conference

Apostolos Missions in Africa is meeting weekly with AM Africa leader Walter. Walter is seeking to revive the network and encourage leaders to work hard towards the summer and bear fruit. ... ...



AM Uganda Prepares 2-Year Anniversary Youth Conference

Apostolos Missions in Uganda is preparing to hold a 2-year anniversary youth conference to celebrate their time in the ministry. AM Africa leader, Walter, shared about the plans for the event to be ...



AM Intl Studies Mission & Ecumenism for Mission Development

Apostolos Missions International is continually sharing its vision and clear direction for the coming years. Plans for the next five-year have already gone underway. However, AM's vision as an ecumenical organization and reason for existence will continue to expand following the example of revivalists and famous movement leaders.


HQ Models Exemplar Fellowships to Fulfill Ecumenical Requisite

AM International is modeling (or benchmarking) various fellowships that have a similar vision and direction. One former fellowship is called the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (SVM). This movement revived mission with an ecumenical spirit and succeeded in mobilizing thousands of university students in the U.S. for world mission.



AM Korea Shares Reflections after the Easter Retreat

AM Korea members participated in the Easter retreat with great grace and shared their testimonies received through the 2 nights and 3 days Bible studies and prayer time. "The hope of a resurrection ...


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