AM HQ Shares Fellowship & Activity Ideas for Campus Mini-Retreats

Apr 02, 2018

Apostolos Missions International chapters are preparing mini-retreats for this upcoming Easter. The retreats are centered on the Word, but will also include a time of activities. Various leaders have requested ideas for how to engage in Bible-centered fun after the time of Bible study. Here are some ideas for chapters. More details can be found in AM's Basic Evangelism Strategies Guidebook.

HQ Models Exemplar Fellowships to Fulfill Ecumenical Requisite

Jan 05, 2018

AM International is modeling (or benchmarking) various fellowships that have a similar vision and direction. One former fellowship is called the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (SVM). This movement revived mission with an ecumenical spirit and succeeded in mobilizing thousands of university students in the U.S. for world mission.

AM Intl Studies Mission & Ecumenism for Mission Development

Jan 04, 2018

Apostolos Missions International is continually sharing its vision and clear direction for the coming years. Plans for the next five-year have already gone underway. However, AM's vision as an ecumenical organization and reason for existence will continue to expand following the example of revivalists and famous movement leaders.

Shine A Light

Jun 20, 2016

The world looks pretty bleak most of the time. As the years progress, there are advancements that shine a ray of hope and positivity.

Tackling College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture

Dec 13, 2015

Post-Christianity is marked as the loss of Christianity as the dominant or supreme worldview in society. Namely, Western values, have transitioned from holding the Bible as the authoritative guide to world affairs, to becoming a god for themselves and considering faith and religious commitment as unimportant.

AM Prays To Be A Light of Hope Amidst World Tragedies

Nov 15, 2015

AM International offers prayers for world peace and salvation through Jesus Christ in the wake of great world tragedies. Students at AM Columbia have been meditating on the history and direction of God as described in the Bible.

AM International Inherits Legacy of World Evangelization

Oct 13, 2015

Apostolos Mission International (AM) is proudly continuing the legacy of world evangelization as established by American missiologist, Ralph D. Winter. Ralph D. Winter was an accomplished missiologist and missionary who opened a new paradigm regarding the role of churches, mission structures, and outreach among unreached people groups. His strategy and approach to mission was a watershed transition that opened the door for the world to know the Gospel.

Promoting Ecumenicalism Towards The Harvesting of Lost Sheep

Oct 13, 2015

Apostolos Missions International (AM) is re-evaluating its mission and purpose to serve as a platform for diverse bodies to participate in the work of God. Among many fellowships and organizations, AM has a unique presence as an ecumenical body that seeks to underrate minor doctrinal conflicts and accept one another as the body of Christ