AM Harvard Attends Summer Retreat at Dover HQ

Aug 14, 2018

AM Harvard attended the North America Summer retreat in Dover, New York. Ahran Won and Jung Hyun Woo traveled together( with the latter's older Sister, Jung) and joined in deep meditation on the Book of Romans. The righteousness that is by faith in Jesus Christ will be exercised this Fall as the sisters continue to serve God in Boston as members of Am Harvard

AM North America Prepares for Fall Harvest After Helpful Mission Conference

Aug 14, 2018

The 2018 Summer mission conference came and went. The conference hosted by Olivet Assembly USA, and led by Pastor David Jang was filled with encouragement and exhortation that AM North America will use this fall to help chapter leaders effectively find and shepherd many young people on campuses in America and Canada.

AM North America Reflects on Summer Retreat; Looks to Spread Gospel

Aug 13, 2018

AM North America's continental leader, Michael Ford, shared his sincere testimony following the North America Summer retreat.

AM HQ Releases Plan & Focus for 2nd Week of August

Aug 13, 2018

Apostolos Missions International is focusing on setting up new leaders, strengthening existing leaders, and reviving the network in the second week of August.

AM Harvard Sets Plans Toward Summer Retreat

Aug 13, 2018

AM North American Weekly Plan:8/13-8/18 This week NA will attend the North American Mission conference; present the Summer report for the region, plans for the future. This week's chat for the chapter leaders will be canceled due to the aforementioned conference- it overlaps with the timing of the chat. The chat with ministers will also be canceled as most of the ministers will be traveling home the next day after the event.

AM UCSD Shares Evangelism Report from Past Weekend

Aug 13, 2018

Aug 11, 2018, Four core members Sister. Annie, P. Isaac, Sister. Sarah, Sister. Jinyi Wu and 2 other members with her

AM HQ Holds Successful Fundraiser During Summer Retreat Carnival

Aug 13, 2018

The Apostolos Missions HQ held a successful fundraiser during the Summer Retreat Carnival in Dover, NY. The carnival took place on August 11, the second day of the retreat. The staff members were raising money for a trip to Uganda for the 2nd Annual Leadership Training.

AM North America Shares Plans Until General Assembly

Aug 07, 2018

AM North America's newly appointed continental leader, Michael Ford, quickly got to work formulating the plans he has for the ministry going towards the fall semester. As of August till the GA in October, Michael will strive to strengthen the duel networks of leaders chapter leader/volunteers, and church ministers who are uniting with the HQ to set up the latter in their states and in new schools. Two weekly chats will be led by Michael in a sincere attempt to encourage and provide vision and support to those who are faithfully working with AM.

AM North America Sets Weekly Plan, Begins Weekly Conferences

Aug 07, 2018

AM North America set plans for the week of August 6-12. Minister Michael Ford shared that he is focusing on networking for the fall semester and strengthening the network of Leaders in North America.

AM International Appoints North America Continental Leader

Aug 07, 2018

Apostolos Missions International appointed Michael Ford as the North America continental leader. Leader Michael will lead and oversee the mission network and leadership in the U.S. and Canada region

AM UCSD & LA Church Conclude 3-Day Summer Retreat for Students

Jul 31, 2018

From the 27th to 29th of July, AM UCSD combined with Gratia Community Church of LA held a 3-day summer retreat for UCLA & UCSD students. This is the first time AM UCSD and the LA church collaborate for an event.

New AM Member Serves HQ With Design

Jul 19, 2018

Namjung, a member of AM Harvard who recently became a committed member of Boston Immanuel Community Church supplied her talents of design to the HQ.

AM Interns Resume Evangelism at UCSD

Jul 19, 2018

Apostolos Missions at UCSD resumed evangelism after a short break. 3 AM volunteers spent 2 weeks at the AM HQ in Dover, NY.

AM Summer Interns Film Fellowship Commercial to Promote Programs

Jul 16, 2018

The Apostolos Missions HQ have been filming AM and WOA programs for the last few weeks.

AM Prepares to Conclude Summer Internship With Graceful Seed Planting, Evangelize Columbia University

Jul 10, 2018

With the Apostlos Missions International Internship, held at the Dover New York headquarters, coming to an end this week, Pastor Alma Osorio took the interns on one final trip to New York City.