AM HQ Distributes 'Basic Bible Study' Texts to South America Region

Jun 16, 2017

The Apostolos Missions HQ is working together with the South America region on a new strategy for setting up leaders. The region is opening English Bible studies and they are also being connected to AM for deeper involvement and growth. The HQ shared several English materials with the region recently.

AM Zimbabwe Continues Weekly Prayer Meetings

Jun 16, 2017

Apostolos Missions in Zimbabwe recently held a powerful prayer meeting for the growth of the ministry. They meet weekly as a group for prayer and unite online with AM Africa to have Bible studies and prayer.

AM Asia Leadership Conference Preparation Continues Progressing

Jun 16, 2017

Apostolos Missions International is preparing to hold its first Asia Leadership Conference in South Korea this summer. The conference will be organized by the HQ, AM Korea and AM Japan leaders and with YEF in Korea.

AM Japan Holds Graceful Pentecost Fellowship

Jun 07, 2017

Let us pray that AM Japan might be strengthened by the power of Holy Spirit, that they might spread the gospel boldly and share a message about Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God.

AM Africa Unites 3 Nations, 17 Members Through Daily Morning & Evening Devotional

Jun 07, 2017

Apostolos Missions in Africa is gracefully uniting daily for morning and evening devotionals. The AM members from Uganda, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. About 17 people join the meeting daily to share a devotional and reflections.

AM HQ Develops Spanish 'Acts' Resources for South America Chapters

Jun 07, 2017

The Apostolos Missions HQ completed and distributed it's Acts Resources for chapters in South America. The resources are in the Spanish language and cover 3 lessons from the Book of Acts.

AM Japan Makes a New Start Toward Pentecost

May 25, 2017

AM Japan is focusing on delivering the love of God with God's word and prayer to the souls who were evangelized through outreach programs.

AM HQ Offers Suggestions for Summer Campus Mission Activities

May 25, 2017

The Apostolos Missions HQ recently shared some ideas for programs to hold on university campuses throughout the summer. The summertime is usually a resting period for campus mission, but missionaries can use the time to gather wandering students and prepare for the fall semester. Below are some suggested activities for the summer semester.

AM Uganda Opens 4th Local Chapter at Crane Media Institute

May 22, 2017

Uganda has moved to another level by the grace of God. A new chapter has been established at Crane Media Institute. This is an institute under the establishment and top management of Muslims but God has opened for AM a way through.

AM Uganda Leaders Share Graceful Testimonies After 1st Anniversary

May 09, 2017

Apostolos Missions in Uganda has had a graceful year of mission. They have set up 6 chapters, 7 departments, 32 core members, and 10 core leaders. AM Uganda gathered several testimonies regarding their year in mission and their hope for the future. Please continue to pray that many more young lives may be saved in Uganda through AM mission.

AM Ecuador Hosts Graceful Event at Children's Hostel

Apr 27, 2017

Apostolos Missions in Ecuador hosted an event at Fundación Orphaids, a Christian non-profit organization in Quito that works with children and families affected by HIV / AIDS. The Ecuador missionary gathered 6 young people to visit the location and hold programs with the children.

AM Online Seminar Began Homiletics Training to Raise Bible Teachers

Apr 27, 2017

The Apostolos Missions HQ began a homiletics teacher training on Sunday to raise on-campus Bible teachers. The seminar contained practical guidance on the content and form of delivering messages and also emphasized the spiritual support that comes through prayer.

AM Toronto Registers 5 Students, Prepares Club Recognition Process

Apr 27, 2017

Apostolos Missions in Toronto has registered 5 members this Sunday. The members are forming a team to register AM to the University of Toronto before the school year is over.

AM Uganda Devises Election Board Structure for Africa Chapters

Apr 18, 2017

Apostolos Missions in Uganda is developing a leadership structure to develop the lifespan of the fellowship in each chapter. The structure will include a board of members who have distinct roles and are elected into office by their peers.

AM Japan Produces Promotional Materials for Japan Vision Trip

Apr 17, 2017

AM Japan got started producing promotional materials for a Japan Vision Trip that is scheduled to take place in July or August, for which they prepare in cooperation with AM Korea.