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Apostolos Missions International is continually sharing its vision and clear direction for the coming years. Plans for the next five-year have already gone underway. However, AM's vision as an ecumenical organization and reason for existence will continue to expand following the example of revivalists and famous movement leaders. 

Two famous mission pioneers, D.L. Moody and John R. Mott, are known for their emphasis on evangelism and social activity. Both leaders served in the Victorian age of the U.S., a time when the fire for mission was very dim. Although they were deeply passionate about evangelism and the Word, they also indicated the necessity for humanitarian efforts and social work. Their evangelical backgrounds did not limit their audience to only conservative Christians, but they could reach a wider range with their truly ecumenical spirit. 

D.L. Moody is known as the pioneer of mass evangelism and is responsible for gathering thousands of students for conferences and Bible studies. Although he was very eager in evangelism, he was not a very educated man and did not adhere to any particular denomination. His lack of formal education made him loose in terms of doctrinal emphasis and open to local church cooperation. He had an ecumenical heart that desired to gather various church denomination for the single focus of converting sinners into Christ followers. 

John R. Mott was very passionate about the evangelization of the world. He sought eagerly to find methods to change the world within his generation. Mott became well-known as an evangelist to university students in particular. He lived during an era when churches were starkly divided between liberals and conservatives. However, Mott believed in the power of unity and ecumenism. 

Mott stated: "Evangelism without social work is deficient; social work without evangelism is impotent." 

He believed that in order to truly reach the world, there should be a balance of evangelism and humanitarian care and concern for those in need. However, evangelism was always his first priority. 

Both Mott and Moody developed a nation-wide movement that produced thousands of student volunteers who served in foreign missions. The movement currently ceases to exist but provided a platform for other fellowships including Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. 

AM wishes to develop as an ecumenical organization that can be effective in reaching students of various faith backgrounds. While the fellowship upholds the absolute truth, it will appeal with both evangelism and social work for the evangelization of the world. The methods revealed during this Victorian age will continually be a foundation for the future growth of AM International. 



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