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AM International is modeling (or benchmarking) various fellowships that have a similar vision and direction. One former fellowship is called the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (SVM). This movement revived mission with an ecumenical spirit and succeeded in mobilizing thousands of university students in the U.S. for world mission. 

The landscape of the world is currently in need of an ecumenical approach to guide young people together for the common goal of fulfilling the Great Commission. Millennials, those born between 1981 and 1997, show trends of being very socially involved in the world. They are a generation that is interested in engaging with people for a cause that impacts the world in a positive way. The Millennial generation is a generation that has innovative technology and the ability to reach the world with just a few clicks. Studies reveal that millennials have a heartfelt interest to participate in charitable works and volunteering to serve others in love. 

The latest research is indicative of the reality that the youth generation desires to serve in humanitarian efforts to help the world's neediest places. An ecumenical movement seeks to unite this heart of physical restoration with the ultimate remedy that is found in the Word. If the youth can be effective in social causes, but also empowered with the Word of God, then that generation would be the most powerful generation because they are motivated by love and the Holy Spirit. 

One reason for the success of the SVM was that they were non-denominational and upheld an ecumenical spirit of unity among church traditions. AM seeks to unite both left-winged people and right-winged people, conservatives and liberals, evangelicals, Catholics, and other Bible-centered Christians. AM wishes to be a fellowship that has strong legs, inner parts, and head in order to serve the world with a balance of grace and truth. The Word, fellowship, and service will be at the center of AM's structure, following the way of the apostles. 

Please pray for the development of AM to serve the needs to the youth of the world. 

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