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Apostolos Missions International is continuing to develop its concentration on launching an autonomous General Assembly in 2017. AM's core strategy as a fellowship can be reduced to a balance of "evangelization" and "social action." Therefore, one of the core themes and topics of the GA will be sparking a worldwide movement with these strategies. 

"Movements" are large uprisings of diverse people who unite because of their strong beliefs on one or more central issues. Many (if not all) of the movements in the last decade have been lead by the youth and university students. 

AM has evaluated these trends and noticed that students can be moved when there is a strong reason behind the movement. And, students really do care about making a positive influence in the world. Movements are intended to change the world together. There is room in the world for an ecumenically guided fellowship that is founded on the Word and prayer. If students can unite behind a common goal of changing the world through the truth, then AM can become very powerful and influential in the world. Evangelization (the Word) and social action (volunteerism/charity) can be an effective way of sparking a movement for the glory of God. 



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