Apostolos Missions at the University of California San Diego is preparing to open Spanish-language Bible studies. The team of AM volunteers added two new sisters originally from Venezuela--Nogleidys and Minerva. 

AM UCSD is currently holding two Bible study sessions every weekend in English. And they occasionally hold Chinese-language Bible studies. Offering Spanish Bible studies will open the door to more native Spanish-speakers who are looking for a community of faith on campus. 

UCSD is quite ethnically diverse with approximately 5,000 Mexican-American or Latino undergraduate students on campus. The opportunity to reach more students has increased and will allow more students to learn the Bible in their native language. 

Nogleidys and Minerva were excited to evangelize and did so fearlessly. They already made appointments to start Spanish Bible studies. One AM volunteer shared: "it was Nogleidys and Minerva's first time to evangelize in the US, but they didn't fear at all. They were passionate in spreading the good news to the students there, and kind of free/open style which benefited me a lot."

AM UCSD will continue to evangelize together and raise diverse students. Please pray for the beginning of Spanish Bible studies beginning this week.

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