AM Columbia

Apostolos Missions International (AM) is re-evaluating its mission and purpose to serve as a platform for diverse bodies to participate in the work of God.

Among many fellowships and organizations, AM has a unique presence as an ecumenical body that seeks to underrate minor doctrinal conflicts and accept one another as the body of Christ. As such, AM wishes to uphold the Gospel truth and the power of the Word, but also open a wider door for multiple Christian bodies to participate in the mission towards God's Kingdom.

Ecumenical movements have failed in the past for their focus on social welfare and cultural acceptance. Churchgoers in the 20th century often degraded ecumenicalism to becoming a platform for liberal activism.

However, the organization will promote and uphold the Word of God by becoming listeners and do-ers of the Word. They will support college communities and be the Apostles who deliver the Gospel to even Christians who lack deep truth.

The ministers of AM believe that the horizontal shift towards diverse groups will allow for the lost sheep to be found. Those with misunderstandings can be corrected to follow the course of God as described in the Word.

The AM HQ is currently revising its international website to promote the unity and gathering of lost Christians to come to the well of living water and deep truth.

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