Post-Christianity is marked as the loss of Christianity as the dominant or supreme worldview in society. Namely, Western values, have transitioned from holding the Bible as the authoritative guide to world affairs, to becoming a god for themselves and considering faith and religious commitment as unimportant.

The end of June marked a historical shift in the secular definition of marriage in the United States. The Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 vote that marriage between same-sex couples is a Constitutional right. Just days later, New York City held its annual Gay Pride Parade with joyful shouts of victory in a long battle for equality. However showered with bright and dazzlingly colors, the parade was distinguished by the mournful stench of night coming upon the United States. Nevertheless, the most sorrowful appearance at the Gay Pride Parade, was that of so many young people.

Teens and college students of just 16, 17 years old, geared up for the parade in their most jubilant attire. All the people walked together like an army squad in a war, with the rainbow flag as their weapon. They looked tough. And they looked like they could finally be right in a world that told them what they felt was wrong.

It is a war, indeed. But is one is one in which the lines between truth and falsity, light and dark, are being drawn plainly. There will be nowhere to hide as both camps prepare to establish their place in the world.

Post-Christianity is the world in which truth is no longer absolute. It is the world where our souls are rummaged with anxiety of sin as we kick against the goad in arrogance and self-entitlement. It is the world that is unholy and ugly without the breath of God that gives us true life. Post-Christianity is doomed to be a world that is always seeking and never finding, and never fully satisfied.

Behind the faces of young and proud supporters, one could also sense the insecurity and uncertainty in their hearts. Every young person is a dreamer with the desire to live this one-time life in the most meaningful way. Every young person yearns to find truth that they are willing to fight towards in the fiercest battle. Although people may appear indifferent and uninterested, they have a soul that is seeking for the burden of sin and loneliness to be relinquished. When young people are unburdened, they can once more be the passionate dreamers they were made to be.

When they receive the truth, they can once more be free from the bottomless pit of secular values and the United States can revive with young seekers who yearn for the Holy Spirit's power.

The Early Church apostles lived in what can be considered a "Pre-Christian" society. They too appeared as the minorities in society with no cultural or political power. And yet, what they had was far better than any horizontal connections. The apostles had spiritual power, and that influence ran deep into years of suffering and glory that was documented in the Bible as well as extra-biblical texts. The apostles knew they were sent with a Gospel truth that had power to give life even to a world that was dead. The Word of God gave them confidence and hope, even in a pool of secularism and uncertainty.

AM International wishes to build an army of apostles who carry out the will of God to spread the Gospel to all nations. May the truth cover the world as the waters cover the sea and be an ark for the wandering youth in the Post-Christian age.

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