The Apostolos Missions HQ held a short conference and a trip to the Elim Center in Kirkwood, NY. Three students and the AM U.S. representative joined the program and received great grace. 

The AM members in attendance included Kaly and Lux, freshman from the University of Toronto in Canada. And the third member was Jonathan Thomas from MIT in Cambridge, MA. The prayer training after the Northeast Easter retreat poured down a lot of comfort and grace from heaven. The members also gathered in the conference room to discuss various aspects towards becoming an AM leader. They learned about AM's vision, purpose, and dream more vividly. And they also learned how they could participate more actively in that dream. 

The AM representative shared about the obstacles that they might face doing ministry and school work at the same time. However, they were encouraged to choose the narrow path and experience Gods blessing in the end. The students also heard about the summer internships offered by AM. They were excited to receive this calling to grow as mission leaders for this ministry. The AM HQ expects several interns to visit NYC and Dover during the summer. 

The AM HQ was greatly strengthened and comforted during this conference. Alma shared her reflection below:

"I felt really pressed and tired during the Lenten period. I began to teach a lot and become responsible for many students online. It was easy at first because I had many things to teach. But it slowly became burdensome because I grew tired in various ways. However, the thought of the students and their hunger for the Word gave be the strength every time to continue teaching and preparing the best meal to feed them. Loving is not easy, but it is the most rewarding. I learned that we must die like the kernel of wheat in order to bear fruit. I should sacrifice and carry their burden with greater love and then suddenly it becomes a beautiful cross, a cross that bears abundant life through the one kernel. I felt like the journey in this ministry is a marathon. I should continue running and when I feel fatigued, I can meditate on the love of the cross to give me the stamina to push through even faster. Love has the power to make you forget the pain and interpret even the deepest suffering as joy because life is coming through it. I could see finally that there is life through death. And I wish to follow the footsteps of Christ with even greater faith to experience greater resurrection."

Please pray for the AM HQ to experience even greater revival and growth in the journey towards Pentecost and the summer. 

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