The Apostolos Missions HQ held another seminar on the subject of homiletics as part 2 of the teacher training series. The students studied the importance of expository messages that are based on the Bible. 

The seminar gave a recap of the form of Bible study messages and then went on to talk about the content of Bible study messages. The message should be expository. And it should be biblical. An expository message communicates biblical concepts and tells us what the Bible says. 

The seminar described various reasons for the decline of preaching or teaching. One of the reasons is because of people's interest in social action. This young generation is the most active in terms of its interest in activism, rallying, and protests. They have strong opinions and are willing to take a stand against what they believe in, but not really interested in listening. Romans 10 says that faith comes from the hearing of the message. God is in heaven and we are on earth, we should listen before we speak. The apostles understood the primacy and the priority of the Word in Acts 6:2 when they decided that they should not neglect the Word of God for other things. However, today's generation would rather engage in social action before listening to the preached Word. The priority should not be compromised. 

Expository messages are powerful because they come from the Bible. It is a message that derives from the Scriptures, not from the newspaper or someone's opinions. As William Barclay says, "True preaching comes when the loving heart and the disciplined mind are laid at the disposal of the Holy Spirit." A powerful message is one dedicated by the Holy Spirit. We should study the Word and prepare the message with prayer and then allow the Holy Spirit to give life to the letter that we speak. 

The AM students were also exhorted to be teachers that show people a picture of God. So many people live with misunderstandings about God. They don't Him and think that God is something different than who He is. But a teacher is one who should expose the people. They should shed light in their darkness and draw a picture of who God is. A teacher uses their words to show others who God is and to correct every wrong thinking about God. We have been commissioned to feed the sheep of the world. To love God means to love others and to feed the sheep the Lord has given to us. Teachers should preach abundantly and accurately from the Word. 

AM prays to raise many Bible teachers who teach the message powerfully. The students were exhorted to live as messengers and true apostles who dedicate their lives to sharing God's Word in the midst of the spiritual famine. 



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