Apostolos Missions in Uganda has had a graceful year of mission. They have set up 6 chapters, 7 departments, 32 core members, and 10 core leaders. AM Uganda gathered several testimonies regarding their year in mission and their hope for the future. Please continue to pray that many more young lives may be saved in Uganda through AM mission. 


WALTER OMARA - AM Africa leader

We shall overcome the devil by the words of our testimonies, God works every day in our life. Jesus said we shall be witnesses, therefore if we are real witnesses as He said then we should be able to testify of His great deeds in our lives.
AM is a ministry that every day I wake up and have a reason to say thank you and may your name be praised.

Through the ministry & leading the flock of God, many has happened in my life and have benefited, learned, experienced a lot..... Good, better, great, & challenges have come my ways but GOD that choses us can never leave us alone, neither will HE let us down. 

Through the ministry, I now live a revived, restored & spirit filled life. A better life in Christ Jesus the author of salvation. Leadership has become part of my life, have become a responsible person who knows that there is someone out there who needs to be fed, led, and guided. 

I want to thank AM-Ministry through OLIVET ASSEMBLY, that has enabled me to serve GOD freely & also to Alma. Above all I want to thank God for all he has done in my life. The transformation, provisions spiritually, physically & financially & in all aspects of life. And I hope for much greater things to come my ways in JESUS Mighty Name. May God bless you all


INNOCENT - AM Uganda leader


"Glory goes back to the father", he said.

Being a leaders in AM-Uganda is something I will never regret in life. It has been and will always continue to be a unique experience in my life because of the nature of the ministry, that as a team we always forget about our differences, come together for one goal that is to serve and worship GOD.

Participating in the ministry has widened my perspective of leadership. For example handle, organize and manage members as well as improve the Father-son relationship (GOD) which has been and still our primary Goal.

"To make HIM known" I have been experienced to various environments and new friends who have been part and partial of my life. I have gained a different and special attitude of pro-activeness as well as receiving a Scholarship as a result of OLIVET Assembly Uganda. I believe that AM is solely and permanently Holy Spirit driven and guided, what I greatly thank God for.

May God Bless you all. AMEN.




Praise be unto Jesus. Powerful is His Name, for He is great above all names

AM-Ministry has made me realize that all along I had not been doing as God expected of me. Watching my friend & brother Walter pray opened my eyes and I decided to let the will of God be done in my life. I made a decision to follow and serve God with my life no matter where what, and challenges come my way. God has transformed my life through this ministry, and I believe He has revived me, blessed me and my great miracles await me, in Jesus Mighty Name.




Yes He does it for us, He can do it for you, just as he has done it for me. He calls us in different ways, different places and at different times. We only need to be ready and prepared when that times comes. Through a friend (Rogers) I knew about the ministry, but through His power, God has granted me the grace to serve Him. Something I pray that He gives me the strength to do, I seek for His guidance every day.

God Bless you all



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