The Apostolos Missions HQ completed and distributed it's Acts Resources for chapters in South America. The resources are in the Spanish language and cover 3 lessons from the Book of Acts. 

The AM HQ discussed the strategy of holding a youth retreat as a method of identifying more potential AM leaders, members, or volunteers. The suggestion was received favorably by South America leaders and they are co-working with the AM HQ for the materials. The resources include the text that can be used for the retreat messages as well as discussion and application questions. 

There are many members and young adults attending services in South America churches. Many of the churches are in the stage of organizing the people and selecting those with the potential to grow in a leadership position. Please pray that AM may co-work with South America to collect many good souls who are longing to serve God and see His Kingdom one day soon. 

Please also pray that more resources may be developed quickly to support the growth of AM South America chapters. 




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