san diego

The Apostolos Missions general secretary visited the University of Califonia, San Diego where Riverside students have been working to plant an AM chapter for nearly two years. The HQ staff had a graceful time of Bible study and fellowship with several AM staff and students. 

Three students, Gavin, Porter, and Allen, attended the morning Bible study at UCSD. The message was about the Wedding Banquet in Cana and exhorted to the students to place Jesus at the center of their lives. This is a miracle of transformation and everyone is longing for deep transformation that only God can provide. It is only with God that our lives can truly be abundant and rich. The life with Christ is one that gets better with time and it is the best and most meaningful life. The Holy Spirit touched their hearts and lead them to share gracefully about what position Jesus has in their lives. 

Afterward, the staff and students had lunch and also visited Balboa Park, a famous tourist attraction in San Diego. Everyone was able to talk and get to know each other better. 

The time spent with AM UCSD was truly graceful and there is great hope that the students will continue to grow as firm members. Porter, Allen, and Gavin will continue studying the Bible daily via online studies with the HQ. Please pray for their growth during this time. 

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