Apostolos Missions in Uganda is preparing to host a mass outreach event at its 5th national chapter at Nabasuba College of Commerce on July 1.They have utilized resources formed by the AM Africa leader that give guidance on how to hold large events in public spaces.

One AM Uganda staff named Shallon, shared grace about their excitement to hold the event on Saturday. She shared that their generation in seriously suffering from not knowing Jesus.

"We want to move into schools to let them know that Jesus is there and cares. We want to to know Jesus and make Him known. Our goal is to preach the Word and bring many other students to AM."

The team has been recruiting students actively and is building the team with committed students. The next outreach event at Nabasuba will also seek to recruit people who want to join in the cause of the fellowship. The current AM Uganda team is very passionate and excited to continue sharing the Word all over Uganda and the Africa region.

Please pray for the development of AM Uganda and Africa.

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