The Apostolos Missions HQ is working on building various resources to support the future growth of chapters around the world. The first project is teacher's Bible study guides for future Bible teachers to be raised in the fall semester.

The goal for this project is to complete 30 developed and fully designed guides by the end of July. Each guide will have message notes and they will help new teachers to teach the material with the right focus and key points. The HQ will focus first on materials for Romans chapters 1-8 and John chapters 1-21, organized by chapter. These materials will be extremely helpful for raising leaders and setting them up as AM Bible teachers. 

The AM intern worked with the HQ to create a template for the guides. The template includes a summary of the message, key points, a lesson overview, purpose, context, and then the actual text exposition. After the text, there will also be various discussion, application, and warm up questions.

Please pray for this first project to be completed and used graciously for the advancement of mission around the world. 



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