AM Cambodia leader, SreyNoth, has begun operating AM programs several days per week. SreyNoth has been co-working with the local church to evangelize young people and raise a powerful chapter in Phnom Penh.

The AM HQ shared a video seminar was SreyNoth about evangelism. It explained basic principles and the reason for such work. SreyNoth shared: "After I watched this Video, it helped me to understand more about the meaning of Evangelism ; The reason ; How ; and Strategies. The last point is Strategy of Evangelism. I really found that interesting and it made me understand more how to start our Mission. Some point of this I had experience before but I need to learn more about of it and ask God to guide me and lead me and show me his way. I appreciate watching this Video."

SreyNoth has an earnest heart to find good people in her city. Two people have come so far in the past week. She is praying together with the HQ for a great revival of campus mission. Please pray for SreyNoth and the growth of the mission. 



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