On the July 15th, AM orchestra held their second regular concert. Regular concerts are held every half year, and it is an important event to check what we have learned over the years, to practice with more tension, and to help us get closer to the church. 

The orchestra outreach team assessed that the regular concert was a concert catching all three rabbits, such as harmony with the members, an increase in intimacy with the church, and an improvement in the performance like the last concert. The members came to the church frequently to practice the musical instruments, and on the day they set up a chair with one accord, organized the environment, expressed their sincere gratitude to the members of the church who worked hard as the staffs. As a concert audience, the parents and friends of the members attended the concert after the last concert is noticeable, and the audience also showed great interest in the church and the concert as they came several times.

The official said, "The level of the orchestra performance has been upgraded for six months, and the minds of the members have become even more intimate. I hope that the orchestra will be maintained for a very long time and I pray that the AM orchestra will be faithfully absorbed in AM. "There are a lot of lost sheep who left the church in the AM orchestra.  We want to bring them all back to the Lord."



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