Apostolos Missions International is praying and preparing to hold a week long leadership training in Africa this summer. The HQ staff wishes to share the Word of God deeply with AM members and give them clear guidance to raise their chapter and bear fruit. The dates have been confirmed for August 24-August 31. 

The region of Africa has been growing preciously in the last year and AM has had the honor to plant three chapters. The chapter in Uganda is the largest and has several regular members. The AM Uganda members need to be strengthened with God's Word in order to be confirmed as true leaders. 

The HQ is in contact with Pastor James Lee from OA Zambia. He is arranging to bring members from Kenya and Rwanda as well. The goal is to gather at least 40 people each day for the training. This time would be a historic mission trip to plant the seeds of the Word deeply into the hearts of many young people in Africa. 

Please pray for the trip details, finance, and program. Please pray that AM Africa and OA Africa can experience a great quality change in the second half of 2017. 

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