AM Vancouver

The Apostolos Missions HQ has begun preparing various elements for welcome week 2017. They are preparing resources and tools that can be used to gather and contain many people during this season. 

The beginning of the fall semester is a crucial time for campus mission. It is the prime season for spiritual fishing and it should be approached with clear strategies and wise efforts. The HQ developed several materials last year, including a Welcome Week Guide, a Basic Evangelism Guidebook with fellowship ideas, and a Bible Study menu

The HQ is currently working on AM tracts. Tracts are small papers with the Gospel expressed simply. They are handed out to people and used to initiate conversations. They are making an original tract that discusses the Four Spiritual Laws. In addition, they are finishing up with 8 teacher's guides on the book of Romans. 

The HQ team is praying to finish the tracts and the guides by the end of August. Please pray that these resources can be used to find many people this season and to draw new souls to devote their lives to God's Kingdom. 

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