Apostolos Missions in Uganda is preparing several events for the month of September. One of the main events includes the annual "Soul Winner's Conference" organized by Intervarsity and the Christian Union at Kyambogo University. 

Kyambogo University is one of the top universities in Uganda and East Africa. AM has been co-working with the school to register as one of the main Christian groups on the campus. AM has the honor of participating in this event. AM Uganda leader, Innocent, will be one of the main lecturers and will be able to evangelize many students as well. 

AM Uganda is also planning to give a presentation about the ministry to all the students and prepare a song and dance for everyone. AM Uganda believes that this event will help to make a stronger relationship with the school and speed up the registration process for the fellowship. 

Please pray for AM Uganda's preparation for the event and finding more wandering souls in Uganda at Kyambogo University. 



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