Apostolos Missions at Harvard University is continuing daily morning service on campus. AM Harvard leader, Ahran, is teaching her friends and classmates every morning at 8:30 AM. Several newcomers have come throughout the week and two of her friends are attending daily. 

Ahran is holding the morning service from Monday to Friday. She began a Bible series on the Sermon on the Mount and is currently finishing up Matthew chapter 5. She is teaching each verse with hope that the students can be touched and changed by the grace of God. 

The AM Harvard leader has a great passion to raise new leaders for AM Harvard. Ahran testifies that students are really overwhelmed and stressed and need a way to find peace in God. There is great hope that lives can be changed and drawn to God through this opportunity for Bible study.

Please that many students may find rest and shelter through AM Harvard. Please also pray for Ahran to continually grow with the heart of a shepherd. 




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