am sea

Apostolos Missions International has appointed a Southeast Asia continental representative, by the grace of God. Sreynoch Chitt, from AM Cambodia, graciously received the position to serve the region. 

Sreynoch has been praying and evangelizing very sincerely in her native country of Cambodia. She became a committed member at New Hope Church in Phnom Penh in June and later joined the summer retreat and OLI in Korea and in Cambodia over the summer. The Holy Spirit has been working strongly in Sreynoch and has given her a strong sense of calling and commission. 

Sreynoch has been actively serving the local AM chapter and is currently on a 40-day walk for a breakthrough at Royal University of Phnom Penh. She is also praying diligently for her family to be evangelized and join the mission. 

Sreynoch will continue to remain in regular contact with the AM HQ to serve the SEA region. Southeast Asia currently has 3 chapters -- Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. The Philippines will be set up in this week as well. Sreynoch's passion and urgency for mission will be used to advance the work of God in each country. 

Please pray for sister Sreynoch and the advancement of mission in Southeast Asia. 

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