With a goal to evangelize many new souls, the AM UCSD mission team visited the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) campus on October 7th, where they spent a graceful time evangelizing and leading a group Bible study together.

After a graceful time of worship that started the group Bible study, Sister Caroline shared a message that was taken from Matthew 11:28-30 with the title 'Come to Me, All You who are Weary & Burdened, & I will Give You Rest'.

Moved by the message, Brother Gavin, who has been attending Bible studies for the past one year in AM UCSD, shared, "I feel very graceful. The Bible is so deep. Every word in the Bible has many layers and deeper meaning in it. This Bible study helped me to enlighten my deeper understanding. I pray that the Holy Spirit touches me and all the AM team members. I will pray for my sins so that God can open new ways for me. The praise and prayer is very graceful as well. I am grateful for the chance to share and pray with each other."

The team members were greatly moved by the message, and a time of prayer and fellowship together. Subsequently, they went around the campus to evangelize. By the grace of God, there were three brothers who expressed their interest to attend future Bible studies.

The team was motivated and strengthened that the mercy of God and Holy Spirit's guidance was with them throughout their journey. In the coming weeks, the team is looking forward to find and teach the Gospel to many more thirsty souls.

Please pray for the Bible students to grow with deep roots of faith, that God will renew their hearts and lay a strong foundation of the Word in their hearts. May AM team members also receive God's comfort throughout their continual mission efforts in UCSD campus.

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