AM UCSD held an evangelism seminar on October 13th with the purpose of recruiting more volunteers to join in the weekly evangelism programs at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) campus.

During the seminar, the family of Pastor Tertius and Pastor Rebekah were invited as guest speakers to share about evangelism approaches and their respective experiences in the mission field.

Pastor Tertius guided everyone to meditate on the conversation between Jesus Christ and the Samaritan woman that was taken from John 4. The participants were encouraged to walk through "Samaria," which is the mission field that God has called them into.

They were exhorted to go with the firm identity as the true sons and daughters of God who have the Living Water in them, while having the desire to share the Living Water with those who are in need as God works through them. Additionally, they were also inspired to find connecting points during evangelism, gradually challenging the Bible students to give up their "husbands" and accept Jesus Christ as their Living Water eventually.

Sharing from her various experiences in doing mission, Pastor Rebekah also encouraged the participants to evangelize with the heart of wanting to meet Christ at "Galilee" - the promise of God that He will be with them always as they actively go and make disciples.

Reflecting on the seminar, a participant shared, "I'm very thankful and touched as I listened to the Bible study and sharing, as I used to be very passionate in evangelism. However, I felt scared after that, gradually withdrawing myself, and slowly losing the focus. I really wish to testify the grace given by God but I am scared to go out."

"I was awakened when pastor shared on the 3 points:  to have the self-identity, having the desire to give out the Living Water, and finding connecting points in evangelism. I realized that I often lose the self-identity, and I should not put the focus on man. Also, I was encouraged when I heard that it is the Lord's promise for me to meet Him at "Galilee", and I will surely meet Him there.  Mission field is a training ground to love, and "Samaria" is the path that we should walk through," she added.

It is with great hope that many more missionaries who have spent years in mission field will be invited in future seminars to share about their evangelism experiences, that the AM UCSD volunteers will be greatly motivated to evangelize many people through such seminars.

May the Holy Spirit grant AM UCSD volunteers the wisdom to find the one man prepared by Him, and bless them with hearts desiring to share the Living Water with many.

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