Apostolos Missions in Uganda has been co-working with various schools in Kampala in order to officially register AM. By the grace of God, AM Uganda leaders had a time of fellowship at MTAC Scripture Union in order to build a relationship with the club council. 

"We believe for development in the Ministry, the only thing that stands between us and what we want is merely the will to try and the faith to believe that it is possible," AM Uganda leader, Innocent, shared. 

During the Fellowship, AM Uganda was delegated by Juliet, Walter, Rogers, Norman, led by Innocent. The agenda was mainly to pray for their examination that will commence next week, fundraise towards buying Church musical Instruments and to introduce AM as a new ministry at the campus.

The Union Chairman named Papa Solomon stated that he is ready and needs AM to work together with his ministry for a spiritual enhancement and glorification of  God's Kingdom. AM will, therefore, be carrying out its activities at the Campus including Outreaches. They will be able to start their programs at the school from next year in January. 

Furthermore, AM Uganda is most likely to open a Chapter at Makerere University Business School. The leaders met a first year student (Ronnie)who loves to work for God and he has requested us to open AM at the University. 

Innocent shared: "God's word is not only tasting good but also nutritious to their hungry spirits and for that reason we unceasingly let our light shine. We are looking forward to prepare some activities for this Christmas period to celebrate the season and reason for His birth."

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