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Apostolos Missions in Asia gathered leaders for a Youth Conference at the AM Center in Seoul, South Korea. Various programs were arranged including lectures on "Prayer" and "Discipleship."

An official said, "Through the lecturers who are lecturing with the power of the Holy Spirit, a great deal of grace has come in, and all the members who have participated have earnestly heard the Word and have a greater desire to know the Lord more and to intercede their souls with His love."

Another shared, "After the lecture, I had a chance to watch a video about the vision and strategy from the AM International Headquarters. During the noon prayer meeting, the members cried out with a loud cry and prayed with tears, in order to spread the ministry of the AM headquarters for AM in each region and AM in Asia."

The closing worship service message came from John 2: 1-11. Pastor Ruth Lee said, "Jesus gave a great blessing to those who believed in the name, to live a wine-like life that became more and more interesting and tasty as time passed. I want to live a life of obedience, filling the six pots silently with water," she said with tears.

The closing service was the conclusion of the AM Asia Asia Youth conference. The leaders of Asia have a greater joy and hope than when they all started.

"We have made a commitment to conquer the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ," they said.

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