Apostolos Missions Harvard leader, Ahran, shared a brief reflection and dream for the year 2018. Ahran has a lot of love for AM and has an earnest heart to gather the wandering students at Harvard University. 

AM Harvard began holding daily morning Bible study with students on the campus this year. It was a great blessing for the first Harvard leader to launch Bible studies on the campus land. Ahran and several friends gathered faithfully and also evangelized regularly to find more people. 

"2017 was a year of setting up firm grounds on campus and nurturing steady members to be spiritually ready to welcome students," Ahran shared. "AM Harvard now became a group where people started to participate daily and increasing in number."

One of Ahran's dreams is to develop AMH (AM Harvard) and also make several other branches like AMHK (AM Harvard Korea) and AMHC (AM Harvard College). AMHC would focus on undergraduate students and AMH would focus on graduate and doctorate students. 

"I thank God that he has shown AM Harvard this year to find people to work together in the name of Christ," Ahran shared. "As Rev. Jang mentioned at last Sunday service, I pray that strong mothers will be set up as the leaders who are full of love and tears at AM Harvard. And at the same time not to forget about how the elder should serve the younger, as we grow in number so that we will learn to be more humble and honest through AM community."

Ahran and the AM HQ request your prayers for more planning for 2018. 

She added, "Please pray that our focus can always be in Jesus Christ, and for us to find the initial members as we evangelize next semester."

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