Apostolos Missions in the region of Africa grew greatly in 2017. AM Africa leaders wish to develop and set up each chapter more strongly with a firm leader and firm members. 

The year 2018 will be filled with many activities in African countries. The AM Africa leader, Walter Omara, has shared that they will raise God-fearing, committed leaders, set up AM youth centers and HQs in each country, hold conferences and training activities. They will also begin a funding project in order to support local chapters with expenses. 

Here are some of the goals for AM Africa:

Reach 1000 members and 15 countries across Africa by December, set up 30 established leaders, hold the AM Africa Leadership training in July - August, and 50 Chapters across Africa (25 Universities & 25 High Schools). Additionally, raise and strengthen youth in Olivet Churches in Love, Unity, Humility, and Patience.

Please pray for AM Africa in 2018. May God find many leaders to lead youth mission in the region and around the world. 



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