The AM Riverside team members conducted the first Bible study of the year 2018 in UCSD. The new AM leader, sister Annie, lead the team. With new hope and eager heart, the team went to evangelize on the campus.

On Saturday,  brother Gavin came with the desire to listen to the gospel. sister Sarah delivered the message from Matthew 19 about the rich young man. At the end of Bible study, brother Gavin shared that he felt very graceful and understood the importance of following Jesus by selling everything. The team was deeply encouraged by his sharing.

During the process of evangelism, the team could get more than 15 contacts who were interested in Bible study. The team was filled with joy and decided to follow up each soul sincerely in order to build a strong team in UCSD. Everyone was greatly encouraged and motivated to go with the same heart every week so that God can open a bigger world.

Please pray that the AM members to pursue God with the same heart and encourage each other in this daytime journey. May God guide their path and give them greater wisdom to find the prepared persons. 



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