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Apostolos Missions in North America is promoting their Spring Break mini-retreat in conjunction with Elim Center International. Registration for the event has opened and the HQ is actively seeking to invite even one more student. The event will take place on March 13- March 15 in Kirkwood, NY at the Elim HQ. 

The theme of the event is called "Living Water" and is open for U.S. and Canada students to attend. Students will have an in-depth look at John 4, Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan Woman. They will learn the Biblical principles and also the practical application for evangelism. The goal is that students will be more equipped for their campus mission and have a heart that is confident to share the true Living Water with their classmates. The HQ believes that students will receive great grace through the study of evangelism on John 4. 

The event will be especially powerful because it will be united with powerful prayer for healing and deeper understanding of God's Word. A schedule has been made for abundant opportunities for Bible study, seminars, and prayer sessions. 

AM North America is praying to gather many university students and to train them powerfully as campus mission leaders. Please pray that students will be sent to participate in this graceful event. 

Those interested in registering for the event may contact mission@amintl.org

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