Rita, the leader of the ministry in Zambia have had a chance to share their visions the Headquarter and she got an opportunity to sensitize a group of youth in the local church on Easter weekend.

"We want to have focus from now onwards, we may be very busy with our books now, but we want to make God a priority in our lives and studies as well," Ritah shared

They shared quite a number of their visions and hoping to set up clear goals as well among them were; raising a team of members who are fully sensitized about AM, Teaching them the word to equip the team, Beginning the work in a nearby institution with a main focus  to evangelize more people to Olivet ministries. Extension of the ministry to other long distance places is their long term plans.

Zambia had a conference with the Africa leader and as he shared, there is great hope for the young Chapter established in Ndola, he only asks for the prayers from everyone for these young soldiers so that God can guide them and lead them. 



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