Apostolos Missions International chapters are preparing mini-retreats for this upcoming Easter. The retreats are centered on the Word, but will also include a time of activities. Various leaders have requested ideas for how to engage in Bible-centered fun after the time of Bible study. Here are some ideas for chapters. More details can be found in AM's Basic Evangelism Strategies Guidebook.

Bible Trivia

A game of Bible Trivia or Bible Jeopardy is always fun for experienced members who have heard many Bible studies. New Christians can also be tested on previous messages they have heard recently. The presider of the game can divide the groups into teams of 2-5 people, depending on how many are present. The presider can ask a question publicly and then give each group a set amount of time to write down the answer. The presider can continue to mark down how many questions each group answers correctly. The group with the most points in the end is the winner. 

Bible Charades

Bible Charades is an active game that will require everyone to stand and move around. Each person will receive a small piece of paper that has a word that they will need to act out. They need to express the word with their hands and body, but no words are allowed. During each person's turn, members will have to guess what the word is. Words or phrases can be anything Bible related like-- "Noah's ark," "alabaster jar," "shepherd."

Question Game

The Question Game is a great way to get to know the members. The presider can create a list of 10-15 questions that each begin with the prompt- "have you ever...?" Some examples of questions can be: "have you ever been on a mission trip?" or "have you ever read the whole Bible?" The members should go around asking everyone the questions. The first person to finish asking everyone is the winner. 

Identity Game

This game is simple and is also another way to get to know members. Everyone sits in a circle. The first person in the group will introduce themselves and also say one thing about themselves. For example: "My name is Joe and I like to play the violin." The next person in the group will repeat what was said and also add their own comment. For example: "His name is Joe and he likes to play the violin. My name is Jen and I lived in Hawaii for 10 years." Each person will continue adding on what each person said until they get all around the circle to the last person. 

Sticky Notes Game

The Sticky Notes game will require the presider to prepare sticky notes with the names of Bible related animals, characters, books, etc. Each person will take a sticky note without seeing what is written on the paper. And they will put the note on their forehead. Each person should walk around the room together asking each other only one "yes or no" question so that they can figure out the name on their forehead. For example: "Am I an animal?" or "Is my character in the Old Testament?" or "Is this person a famous preacher?" Each person should continue going around the room until they figure out their own identity. 

Fishing Relay Game

This game is great to play outdoors and with many people, especially the youth or children. There can be 2-3 groups with several people in them. Each group should create fishes with construction paper and they should each have a bucket and a bag that will be the "fishing net." The point of the game is for each team member in each group to grab a fish from their bucket and run across to the other side of the room to put the fish in the "fishing net." When the first person runs back, they tag the next person in the group and that person also must grab a fish and run to put it into the fishing net. The first group to "catch" all the fish in the fishing net is the winner.

Steal the Bacon

This is an active and fun game that must be played outdoors in a park. There should be two groups with at least 5 people each and then one extra person who is the referee. There is team A and team B. The referee secretly gives a number to each person on Team A. For example, the first person is #1, the next person is #2, the following person is #3, etc. Team B also receives the same numbers. Each team should line up facing each other, but there should be one bottle between them. The objective of the game is to run to grab the bottle when your number is called. For example, the referee will call #5 and the two members with #5 should run to the center and try to grab the bottle first. The person who "steals the bacon" is the winner.

Bible Taboo

This game is based on another game called "Taboo." The leader has to prepare a set of cards in order to play the game. The objective of the game is to guess what the object is that is listed on the card. The leader will describe the object but there are a few words that he is prohibited from saying in order to describe the word. For example, the key word is "Noah." The leader has to describe Noah, but he cannot say "ark," or "animals," or "flood," or "Genesis." He has to use others words to help the other team members guess the word. Each team will have 60 seconds to guess as many words as possible. 



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