The Apostolos Missions HQ is developing a summer membership training to take place in Dover, NY in the month of June. The 5-day training is expected to include current university students and various interactive activities. A flyer was designed in order to begin intensive recruitment for the program. 

The membership training is designed to be a time for members to understand the basic of work of AM and how they can carry out AM's mission on their campus as a volunteer or a leader. The training will be a fun time to unite in the joy of campus fellowship and consider new ways to reach the youth of the fallen world. 

The training will include 6 Bible lectures on mission and discipleship. Aside from the lectures, there will also be engaging activities including team-building exercises, 5 seminars, 2 workshops, and a daily testimony hour. There will also be one day of visiting Columbia University for practical evangelism training. The events of the program will equip students with the necessary tools to go powerfully on their local campuses when they return to their schools. There will be a balance of Biblical principles as well as practical elements to apply directly to their daily AM work.

Details on the schedule will be released soon. Students will enjoy a new and hands-on way of learning. Please pray for the recruitment process and for the further development of every program on the schedule. 

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