AM Africa Seeks Revival Through Weekly Conference

Apostolos Missions in Africa is meeting weekly with AM Africa leader Walter. Walter is seeking to revive the network and encourage leaders to work hard towards the summer and bear fruit. Walter is guiding all chapters to hold outreach and active events to gather the youth in this period. Walter shared his reflection of Jesus facing the cross. He exhorted the Africa youth ministers to pray and hold on to Jesus in the times of difficulties. 

Matthew 26:39-46

Jesus was in agony the night before his crucifixion. He prayed fervently, dreading the cross but submitting himself to his heavenly Father's higher purpose.

You will face deep anguish in your life - everyone does. When that happens, you can do what Jesus did: pray. Pray hard, pray deep, pray honestly, pray out all your feelings. Pray until you sweat and cry and fall down in exhaustion. Pray with others. Pray alone. Pray as long as it takes - and then pray longer. Pray because nothing else works, and keep praying when it doesn't seem to work. Pray because Jesus prayed, pray because you want to pray, pray because you don't want to pray. Pray out loud, pray quietly. Pray whenever you think about it, pray instead of just thinking about it. Pray when you walk and when you drive and when you wake up and when you go to sleep. Pray before you forget. Pray right now.

Please continue to pray for AM Africa and the evangelism of more young people in the region. May the Lord guide this region and revive them with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit towards Pentecost.



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