AM Summer Membership Training 2018 Announces Theme: ‘You Will Be A Blessing’

The Apostolos Missions HQ is preparing for a 5-day Membership Training Program to take place from June 25-June 29. The theme of the training is "You Will Be A Blessing" from Genesis 12, which focuses on the call of Abraham.

The theme of the training will emphasize the precious calling of Abraham that has also been given to these precious youths participating in the program. God is calling us out of our old world to make us a blessing to many others. Many descendants and a great new history will open up through those who follow the calling of God.

The training is intended to share this big vision and promise from the Lord to bless our lives through following Him. The attendees will also learn that cost to following Jesus is our own life. We should lay down our lives and our own dreams to follow the bigger and better dream of God's Kingdom. The students will be called to live as the true apostles who live following the call of God.

The lectures have been divided into 5 messages that cover the life of Abraham and the beautiful faith and obedience revealed through Him. The seminars were also divided into 8 themes including "The Principles & Elements of Teaching Small Group" and "Preparing Welcome Week & Special Events." One special seminar will include a 2-hour workshop on answering tough questions on campus. It will include campus apologetics.

The program is very important for AM's development in 2018. Please pray that more attendees may be confirmed to join this time and make a commitment to follow the call of God.



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