AM HQ Shares Top 10: Things To Do for Summer Campus Mission

If you've done college mission long enough, you're likely to run into this problem: The campus that once seemed like a harvest field overflowing with potential leaders is now going through a summertime drought. In this situation, what is a college leader to do? Here is a top 10 list of what you can do in this preparation season.

10- Be encouraged

Don't let the current situation knock you down with worry. What did Paul say about anxiety? Don't worry but push forward knowing that God is able. Be encouraged

9 - Reflect

About now is a good time to reflect on what worked during the spring, and what didn't. Really weigh out all the good and bad.  Get alone with God and seek guidance for the next semester- which leads us to 9.

8- Pray

There is so much to pray for. Maybe things didn't go as fruitful as was first expected, maybe things were way tougher than expected; repent first, seek strength to go forward. If you have students that are now going home, pray for their protection, that they grace they received will not be stripped away, that they will not go astray.

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

7-Plan for fall

Pray and think. Research hard on events that were used by others for welcome week. Many freshmen Christian will be on these campuses. They may be new to the location and all alone. This is the perfect time to give them a church body/fellowship to live out their faith with. By Spring, a lot of these students will be tarnished by the secular world's influence on these campuses. Work hard.

6- Intensively train your lambs

Maybe they don't have the freedom to attend HQ events, but you can work on training them where you are. In the event that they're home, try online bible study. Work on intense bible study with them and training them to be co-working bible teachers by fall.

5- Find a new campus

The current school you may be evangelizing on may have closed, so check first to see if they have summer classes and if not, maybe other schools in the area still have students on campus for the summer season.

4- Research other fellowships on campus 

There should be other fellowships on campus and most should have a social media page. You may be able to get good ideas from what they have done in the past, or maybe even get in contact with them and co-work together.

3-Communicate with the HQ

The AM HQ is here to help you. Please contact us by telegram with any questions or prayer request you may have.

2- Keep up to date with the academic calendar. Don't just assume the schedule of events you last semester is going to apply this one. Be on top of everything going on at the local school you plan to evangelize it. Most university websites have this information.

1- Take risks 

Similar to number 2, new events should be in the making on your part. Don't get stuck in what you have done, Instead, think outside the box, be creative, try new things.  

AM International prays that ministers may be inspired by this top 10 and make the best of this summer, getting ready to run with persistence in the Fall for a blessed harvest. 



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