Am Korea

AM Korea set up plans and goals for June and is under tense to focus more on-campus mission.

Mission leaders will evangelize together on campuses of Seoul focusing on the universities near the AM Korea headquarters center especially and will raise the centripetal force of the headquarters center and the most important goal is to find the leaders of 12 universities at the campuses in Seoul region within the month of June. 

And they plan to conduct evangelism meeting on Sunday afternoon so that all the members can make an effort for evangelism, and they will try to share and educate the history of the community and the current situation.

One Pastor stated , "We are continuing to make appointments with the students on campus and the new believers are constantly attending worship. I feel the door of evangelism is more open after the Pentecost. I want to be the first half to gather speed and fulfill my mission well to lead many people to righteous way."



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