AM NA Prepares Apologetics Workshop to Raise Strong Campus Leaders

Apostolos Missions North America is preparing for the Summer Membership Training to take place at the end of June. One of the most promising activities is an Apologetics Workshop. The purpose of this workshop is to equip students with the answers to tough questions that students may ask on campus.

A guest speaker is serving the AM program by leading the apologetics workshop. Many students have questions and also concerns about evangelism and teaching because they feel they will not be able to answer all questions. Feelings of inadequacy lead students away from wanting to participate more in campus missions. However, the Bible provides all the answers and the people of God can study and be prepared to have discussions about their faith in a systematic way. 

The 2-hour workshop will include a short time of lecturing but will also involve active participation from the attendees. The attendees will have the chance to ask questions that they want to hear the answers to. They will also be able to discuss other difficult questions that they want to answer. 

The AM Membership Training is intended to provide students with the tools to serve on their campus confidently. Every lecture, seminar, and workshop is being thoroughly prepared for this practical purpose. Please pray that students receive abundant grace and are changed through this time of training. May God raise many heavenly soldiers for his Kingdom.  




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