AM Column: How to Unite With Others the Biblical Way, Part 2

The Apostolos Missions HQ is looking forward to the month of July with great hope. After the conclusion of the 2018 AM Summer Membership Training, the HQ feels a new dimension opened up to involve more people in the HQ works and to set a bigger vision for the ministry. 

The month of July will be focused on building a team and developing education to continually raise more students and interns. A short-term internship is currently taking place at the HQ. The four students are working on building resources for the upcoming Fall semester. 

Some of the goals include preparing all Welcome Week materials by the end of the month. Having these materials will allow ministers and AM chapter leaders to launch chapter activities without delay. All materials will provide clear guidance for ministers to prepare well for the Fall semester. In addition, AM wishes to launch a Welcome Week tour in August. This will visit Columbia University and Harvard University during this prime season for evangelism. The HQ wishes to solidify these plans in the month of August. 

Planning for the summer mission trip will also be a prime focus for the AM HQ. They are planning to visit UCLA and find students to serve as potential AM leaders for the Fall semester. 

Finally, the HQ wishes to prepare clearer staff roles and departments for expansion. Although a list of staff needs has been generated in the past. An updated version is necessary since many different kinds of people are coming with unique gifts and abilities. The goal for the end of the summer is to have a team of 5 working at the HQ to operate all basic departments. 

The month of July will largely be a month of preparations. Please pray the work of youth and campus missions may advance in the next month. 



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