2018 am intl hq

The Apostolos Missions 2018 Membership Training concluded on June 29, 2018. The closing service message was delivered by AM HQ staff, Michael Ford. The message came from the theme of the program-Genesis 12:1-3

Minister Michael shared that the most blessed life is to live following the call of God and separating from the past to be blessed and be a blessing to the whole world. 

The students received a lot of grace from the message and the whole program and look forward to the change they will bring when they return to their campuses. 

"After a week of graceful lectures and leadership seminars, we conclude the week with our closing service," Vanessa Eucebio from AM Atlanta shared. "This week has been eye-opening and eventful. I feel more equipped as an AM leader to lead my chapter into fruition and into building the Kingdom of God together. I have a couple of ideas in mind to start off the fall semester. I pray I could evangelize amazing co-workers and miraculously build a chapter that would last for a long time at the AUC. Thank you to our leaders for an amazing week of training, for graceful lectures, and strict training!"

The day concluded with a time of reflections and then a trip to a bowling alley. The students had a joyful time together in fellowship. 

AM wishes to continue equipping students with the tools needed in order to raise campus leaders and become the light of the world on university campuses worldwide. Please continue to pray for the growth and development of AM International. 

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