AM Interns Evangelize

With the Apostlos Missions International Internship, held at the Dover New York headquarters, coming to an end this week, Pastor Alma Osorio took the interns on one final trip to New York City.

The trip will consist of a 2nd trip of evangelism at Columbia University as well as Bible study with a hungry soul that was found during the first trip that happened earlier in the internships schedule.

When asked about the purpose of the trip, Pastor Alma was quoted as saying, " It's to practice evangelism and help us share the heart of God for the fallen world. The purpose is also to plow this land in preparation for the fall. We want to focus on this campus more to raise new A.M. leaders"

Others shared alongside Pastor Osorio as well. "I can feel that the people here really need God and there are people who are really prepared. Some people reject easily, but I know there are good people waiting on this campus," Jenny Wu shared. She ended by adding  "I believe the heart of God is here, so I am excited to continue evangelizing here."

Please pray for the Columbia University Chapter of the fellowship to grow through this time and fall quarter can be prepared for well for a mighty harvest.



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