AM Intl 2018

Apostolos Missions International appointed Michael Ford as the North America continental leader. Leader Michael will lead and oversee the mission network and leadership in the U.S. and Canada region. 

Michael was formerly a church staff member at Atlanta Bethel Community Church. And served graciously in campus mission, Elim prayer meetings, and Sunday school. He has more recently been serving in the media department at the AM HQ in Dover, NY.

"I'm touched to see God continuing to trust me. I can look back on my 3 years in the field and see that it has prepared my heart with the understanding of what goes on for ministers and fellowship leaders," Michael shared. "I hope that this can be a very prosperous time. I have tough days ahead but they will help me lean on God and help us bond together for the betterment of AM in the US. Thank you." 

Michael has been testified as a person of prayer with a deep heart for the souls. May God bless his new appointment and lead North America campus mission powerfully.




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