AM Intl 2018

AM North America set plans for the week of August 6-12. Minister Michael Ford shared that he is focusing on networking for the fall semester and strengthening the network of Leaders in North America.

This week will feature the first weekly chats that the leader holds with chapter leaders and volunteers from the U.S and Canada.  Minister Michael shared: "By holding these weekly chats, I plan to use the gift of encouragement to help them open their spiritual eyes to the vision of this international fellowship. The  word is where I plan to base my exhortations to lead them to fulfill monthly, weekly and daily goals of their own."

This chat will be held every Monday at 2 pm and be followed by a chat with pastors and ministers in states that currently have no AM chapter or, will be expanding to new campuses. This chat will be held weekly as well, on Tuesdays at the same time. This chat is to exhort the importance of finding and setting up leaders. 

Minister Michael asks for prayer that he can better guide the current leaders in their daily tasks, and help them set up good standards as they seek and guide new lambs. Prayer also is in order to help ministers find new leaders that can pioneer more campuses. 



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