AM Intl 2018

The 2018 Summer mission conference came and went. The conference hosted by Olivet Assembly USA, and led by Pastor David Jang was filled with encouragement and exhortation that AM North America will use this fall to help chapter leaders effectively find and shepherd many young people on campuses in America and Canada.

Why should a student come to this fellowship or an OA Church; why do we evangelize? These were two questions asked that truly need answers. Frankly speaking, you can receive graceful messages anywhere. You don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home(or dorm room). But is there really any comfort in that at all?

Two of the most popular bible verses to Americans are John 3:16 and Matthew 11:28. But when isolated and looked at alone, something is missing; something of life and death importance. That something is found in knowing the reason God so loved, and what next after we who have been saved receive that rest.

Michael Ford shared "This mission conference has recharged the hearts of all involved in HQ and the hope is to pour down the grace which is overflowing from the cup that the lord is pouring into."



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