2018 am intl hq

The Apostolos Missions International HQ will move its central office to Atlanta, Georgia. The HQ will be housed in the former YMCA located in the downtown district with several surrounding university campuses. 

The change of location comes with great elation to the AM HQ staff. The new AM center will serve as a large bowl to mobilize global youth mission and contain future leaders for the advancement of God's Kingdom. It will be used preciously to train many leaders and will become a world-wide center where the Word of God revives and renews many broken and suffering people. 

The HQ staff shared, "We are very thankful and humbled by this move of the HQ. It is a gift from God that is totally undeserved. But our hearts tremble at God's great plan for AM and His urgent desire to gather the suffering youth in this world. We wish to share God's heart and prepare the center with a fearful heart. We believe that the blessing of God is with AM and He will continue to do greater things through this ministry, for His glory."

A draft timeline for the development of OC was given in the beginning of 2018. This includes preconstruction, design, and seeking permits, and staging the overall construction of the property. 

Once the building permits are issued, the construction will begin with full haste. The construction plan was made with Phase 1 and Phase 2. The reconstruction of Chapel, Classroom & Office, Kitchen & Cafeteria, Reception Desk & Lobby will start to be covered under Phase 1. Meanwhile, the Gymnasium, Library, Student Lounge, and Classroom & Offices will be constructed under Phase 2.

Moreover, under the construction plan, the roofing, drywall, addition of doors and windows, ceiling works, and exterior work will also be covered under the full 5 months.

The new AM center was formerly a YMCA. It was originally built by an American architect, a native of Atlanta, named John Portman. Later, Portman became a world renown architect for his innovate design and structure of properties. He is well known for various designs in the Atlanta metro area as well. However, one of his first works included the YMCA on Desoto Street.

The YMCA was a hub for youth recreational activities and eventually housed women's basketball games. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was even said to have exercised at this YMCA location. It served as a central location for youth activities. 

With God's grace and will, AM and Atlanta leaders will continue to process to prepare the center in the next months for full occupancy once day sooner.

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