2018 am intl korea

AM Korea launched the 'Kingdom Movement' as a short-term mission training, one of the strategies of the student missionary movement.

The main purpose of this project is to help preliminary leaders to see the missionaries' lives and to develop their vision. Attendees visited their first destination, Christ Church in Osaka, Japan, where they meditated, prayed, and fellowshipped together.

"We must serve those who do not believe in Jesus, and we must be lowered for them. Let us become a true Israel that not only blesses us but also gives us precious blessings," one leader named Se-Eun, from AM Korea, shared.

After lunch, there was a time of evangelism in the city streets together. All attendees had the opportunity to experience the time of evangelism, the atmosphere of the mission in Japan, hear it from the missionaries, receive great grace and challenge, and pledged that Korea and Japan will unite to serve Asia.

Se-Eun added, "We have been able to enjoy unforgettable grace for three days. The Christian church in Japan, where we visited, was a place of worship and a tradition of service and sacrifice.

AM leaders praise the living God, they are thankful for being lead to the site of their first project as the best place to cooperate with AM Korea.



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