Peace for Paris

AM International offers prayers for world peace and salvation through Jesus Christ in the wake of great world tragedies. 

Students at AM Columbia have been meditating on the history and direction of God as described in the Bible. In it, they have learned that there is one central promise and goal that God has for this world. From the first act of sin in Genesis 3, God prepared His redemptive plan of salvation for the world. Even in spite of growing evils, God's will surely will be fulfilled. 

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris are a sobering reminder that there is Satan and there is evil in this world that originally was "good" in God's sight. Innocent people were killed and many lives are scarred with the memory of just how dark sinful humanity has become. 

The world has come so far from God's original image. These situations can lead people into believing that life is hopeless and nothing can change such wickedness on earth. However, the Word of God reminds us that the blood of Jesus is so powerful, and the arms of God are so big that it can redeem this fallen world. 

"Evil is so great, but God's love is even stronger," the AM representative shared. "God's plan for this world will not fail and He will bring history to the Kingdom of God, the great omega point."

AM prays to unite more deeply with God's heart who mourns for this world. AM prays to be a gathering of heavenly soldiers that can spread His love and restore hope to hopeless souls. May the people of God be like a city on a hill, shining the light of truth for the whole world to see. 

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