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Qualifications for membership includes being over the age of 18 and regularly attending Bible programs for at least one month at your local AM chapter. Membership is open primarily to current students of the university, but also to university alumni, faculty, and staff.

Becoming a member indicates that you share and agree with the AM Statement of Faith and Mission Statement. A member is also one who wishes to uphold the values of the Christian faith in their lives and support the work of God's Kingdom here on earth. Current students must be registered to their university chapter by filling out the application and having it signed by their chapter leader. AM members benefit from full access to the AM resources and facilities. They can also join AM leadership meetings, conventions, and retreats.

Members of AM are recommended to give a monthly offering to the chapter leader. The amount of the offering is of their choice. 100% of the donations go towards supporting the local chapter's operations and activities.

Volunteer staff

About Us

Volunteer staff may or may not be members of AM. However, the volunteer staff must share and agree with the AM Statement of Faith and Mission Statement. The qualifications for a volunteer staff includes being over the age of 18 and a current student at the local university.

Volunteer staff must apply by filling the application and submitting it for approval. The applicants will have the opportunity to select which role they would like to work in and what times they can work. Volunteer staff are expected to commit to the approved schedule for the given time and work for no monetary compensation.

Volunteer staff members benefit from access to the basic Bible study gatherings and local retreats at the university.


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All of AM International's precious resources have been carefully designed and carried out by the IT & Design department.

These artists and engineers use their gifts to create websites, flyers, and beautiful art to spread the Word about this ministry and lead more people to Christ.

This department supports the website development and resource formation in technical and creative aspects.


About Us

Potential employees of AM must share and agree with the AM Statement of Faith and Mission Statement.

Potential employees of AM who were not once a volunteer staff must apply and interview for the role and department of their choice. For more information on Employment Opportunities, please contact